Property Photography Preparation

Prior to the Shoot

• Ensure that every room to be photographed is clean and tidy.
• Arrange furniture as you would like it to be photographed – I will however advise on the day and move some items if I feel they would look better in a different position.
• Declutter and depersonalise the space as much as possible – tidy away toys, clothes, mail etc.
• Clear kitchen counters as much as possible – consider putting away some kitchen appliances to leave the space as uncluttered as possible.
• A bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen and a few vases of fresh flowers in the living areas can really add to an image and add a pop of colour.
• Ensure that any items stored under beds are well out of sight.
• Remove all personal items from bathrooms and ensuites – consider storing them in plastic boxes which can be easily removed on the day of the shoot.
• Clean all mirrors and shower screens thoroughly as any marks will show up in the final image and cannot always be removed in editing.
• Dress bedrooms in bed linen that compliments the room and make sure they are free from creases as much as possible.
• Ensure all light bulbs, including lamps, wall lights and feature lights are all working.
• If you have a garden/outdoor space get the grass cut and clear any weeds or debris from the driveway. Make sure any flower beds and window boxes are looking fresh and well tended.

The day of the Shoot

• Tidy away any dishes, towels, dishcloths etc from the kitchen area.
• Make sure all rooms are clean, tidy and clutter free.
• If you have pets hide away any beds and feeding bowls.
• Consider lighting fires and stoves to give the home a cosy feel.
• Open all curtains and blinds to let in maximum light.
• In the bathrooms put down toilet seats, remove bins, toilet brushes and any cleaning products. Feel free to leave in clean folded towels and any decorative items.
• Remove all vehicles from outside the house and preferably from the street in front of the house so that I can get unobstructed exterior images.
• Hide away all outdoor bins and garden equipment in a shed/garage.

Please feel free to let me know if the property has any special features or spaces that you would like me to highlight as part of the shoot.

If you require any further advise please do not hesitate to contact me.